Live Life Again Pain-Free

Horizon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation – Flint potential patients will be people with a wide range of orthopedic problems including:

    • Problems with balance or mobilityconditions
      • Just because your getting older doesn’t mean that you have to accept balance difficulty. By working with our team we will assess your balance and determine exercise that will get you moving safely in no time.


    • Chronic fatigue and weakness
      • Through individualized structured therapeutic programs over all well-being can be improved even in patients with fibromyalgia


    • Pre- and post-surgical conditioning and strengthening
      • By coming to physical therapy before surgery you improve post-surgical outcomes by ensuring the muscles have been stretched to allow the new movement your joint will have available.


    • Cancer recovery
      • Did you know following cancer there could be a loss of muscle and tightness? By coming to therapy we can restore mobility lost during and after the treatments.


    • Fitness and wellness education including weight loss and prevention of osteoporosis
      • Once physical therapy is over we will give you exercises to transition to a home program.


    • Respiratory problems / poor cardiovascular endurance
      • Having trouble walking through the grocery store? Can’t stand up for more than 1-2 minutes. Let our team figure out the cause to get you up and moving.


    • Knee, ankle and foot problems
      • Knee, ankle, and foot problems are often related. By getting a proper assessment we can determine the best treatment approach to get you moving to enjoy life.


    • Shoulder, arm, hand and wrist problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder tendonitis


    • Common sprains and muscle strains


    • Work-related injuries such as repetitive motion injuries, slip and fall accidents and other trauma


    • Sports related injuries
      • We allow athletes to get back on the field sooner while maintaining conditioning for a better transition back to the playing field.


    • Neck Pain and Low Back Pain
      • For neck and low back pain we determine what tissue/structure is affected then prescribe corrective actions for the problems found.


  • Arthritis in one or multiple joints
    • Arthritis is a condition that improves with controlled range of motion and strengthening exercise. This is supported by the Mayo Clinic in a recent article by their staff. By introducing a therapeutic exercise program specific for your symptoms we can improve your movement in no time.

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