Live Life Again Pain-Free

“What brought me to Physical Therapy was that I have been having ankle problems for a long time. I have used physical therapy many times before but this was the first time I used it for my ankles. I was quite impressed with how young and very knowledgeable Dr. Adams is. He was just starting out and I was his first patient. He didn’t have a lot of equipment at the time but he had what he needed to treat me. Since I have completed physical therapy, I have had no problems with my ankles. He is quite good and I would recommend him to others.”
– Dennetta Waters


“I would like you to know, I am a 45 year old woman with Multiple Sclerosis and dealing with a knee injury s. I have been in physical therapy for eight years and out of all those years, I have never gotten the results that I have with just one month with Dr. Adams. I had strength, balance, and just became more independent. I even dropped tears at therapy, because of the things I was able to do that I haven’t been able to do in the last eight years. Dr. Adams is a very intelligent, educated man who knows his physical therapy. I would pay out of pocket for Dr. Adams’ services knowing I would only get better. I highly recommend Dr. Adams and will refer everyone I know to him.”
– Barbara Leake


”Dr. Adams has always provided prompt and precise care of our patients that we have referred to him. After therapy 95% of our patients do not have the need to return for therapy. They are completely satisfied with his service. Our patients that were currently under physical therapy care refused to continue the therapy unless it was with Dr. Adams. I would highly recommend and refer my patients to Dr. Adams for therapy.”
– Local Physician


“Hip pain brought me to physical therapy. I had it for three or four months. Before coming to Dr. Adams, I had very little mobility. Since coming to him, physical therapy has helped me walk correctly, bend over, carry objects, sleep better, and be able to bowl. Thank you Dr. Adams.”
– Mildred Jackson

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